About San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a city that manages to be both quaint and cosmopolitan at the same time. Once an important stop on the silver route between Zacatecas and Mexico City, its historic center is filled with well-preserved buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. With its narrow cobblestone streets, leafy courtyards, fine architectural details and sumptuous interiors, San Miguel de Allende is arguably the prettiest town in Mexico.

In 2008 UNESCO recognized San Miguel de Allende and the neighboring Sanctuary of Jesus de Atotonilco as World Heritage of Humanity sites, citing the town’s religious and civil architecture as a demonstration of the evolution of different trends and styles, from Baroque to late 19th century Neo-Gothic.

Getting to San Miguel de Allende

Located in Guanajuato state, 265 km/165 miles northeast of Mexico City and 96 km/60 miles from the state capital, Guanajuato city, San Miguel is located within Mexico’s hilly central highlands. San Miguel de Allende has no international airport so visitors usually fly into either the Leon/Bajio airport or the Mexico City airport and then take a bus. This is not a major drawback and may, in fact, add to the city’s charm: the sound of an airplane coming in for a landing never disrupts the pealing of church bells, plus the effort required to get here makes it all the more enjoyable.

Buses from Leon, Mexico City or Guadalajara are very accessible and well priced.

Our Venue

We are excited to be hosting the Worldschooling Central Community Summit at Misión San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful 4-star hotel overlooking the center of San Miguel.

The property is an oasis… perfect for a Worldschooling Retreat. After walking through the reception you could be anywhere… surrounded by green grass, gorgeous gardens, and a beautiful pool, Misión San Miguel de Allende has everything to ensure you have a wonderful stay, including mini golf and children’s play areas.

Just minutes from the center of San Miguel by Taxi, Uber or public transport, Misión San Miguel de Allende will be a wonderful balance of exceptional facilities, at truly affordable prices (rooms start at just $43USD), in order to allow attendees to stay on site, helping us grow the community spirit.

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