We are excited to present a wide range of Speakers and Sessions at the Worldschooling Central Community Summit. Our focus is on skill based sessions, where you will learn valuable, useful skills, that you can take with you, to help you in your worldschooling adventures.

From sessions on the practicalities of worldschooling, saving money and traveling for less to funding travels, building a business and much much more, our sessions will dig deep and cover the nuts and bolts of worldschooling in a variety of ways.

While session details will be released at a later date, we are pleased to announce some of our Speakers, including:

Karen King – Worldschooling Central & No Set Address

Karen and her family are proud Aussies, who have been Worldschooling for almost 2 years. After working too many long hours in their family run business, Karen felt like she was missing out on watching her kids grow up, and dreaded waking up one day to find she’d completely missed their childhood.

So, in 2015, she and her Husband Cam, sold their home, cars, and nearly all of their possessions to explore the world. Today she is committed to helping other families discover the worldschooling lifestyle and created www.WorldschoolingCentral.com as a hub where families can come together and share their experiences.

Amanda Blizzard – The Travelling Blizzards

Amanda and her teenage son Seth are a Mom and Son team that travel the world together. In 2015, after selling nearly everything they owned, they kicked “normal” to the curb, and hit the road to experience life on the wild side as slow traveling, unschooling nomads.

Amanda was a teen Mom and a career chef with a passion for entrepreneurship and “living differently”. She has always walked to the beat of her own drum and over recent years has learned to embrace that!

Amanda is known in the worldschooling community for her extreme budget travel, and she loves to help people understand how travel can be far more cost effective than many think.

Michelle Garrison – Mexico Culture 101 & 205

Michelle Garrison, originally of Seattle, Washington, has lived in central México since 2006 and holds a Master’s degree in Multi-Cultural Education from the University of Washington.

Mother of two bilingual children, Garrison presently teaches Spanish, owns GARRISON & GARRISON BOOKS in San Miguel de Allende, trains teachers in Classroom Management methods in San Miguel & Querétaro; & offers behavior therapies (personal coaching) for children & adults.

Paul Kortman – Nomad Together

Paul Kortman (nerd, nomad, marketer, and podcaster extraordinaire) has loaned his voice and insights to a variety of businesses, podcasts and conferences. He’s like that one guy at every party who can hold up his end of any conversation. Drawing on his own varied experiences, Paul is well-versed in topics like Family Travel, SEO and Marketing, or Entrepreneurship. Regardless of the subject, he always brings refreshing honesty, and a touch of humor, to the mic. His superpower is harnessing the knowledge he’s gained and using it as a force of good in others’ lives.

Regardless of the subject, he always brings refreshing honesty, and a touch of humor, to the mic. His superpower is harnessing the knowledge he’s gained and using it as a force of good in others’ lives.

Brandon Pearce – Pearce On Earth

Brandon and his wife Jen sold their house and possessions back in 2009 to begin traveling the world with their two daughters (now three – their third was born in Costa Rica). They hoped travel would be a catalyst for personal growth, and it ended up causing a major identity crisis that stretched and grew them in ways they never imagined. And it continues to do so, which is why they keep going.

In the past 7 years, they’ve visited and lived in 32 different countries, while worldschooling and running an online business: Music Teacher’s Helper, which is software that helps music teachers organize their businesses. Brandon has also been featured on Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour Workweek blog, and in the book The $100 Startup.

Jennifer Pearce – Pearce On Earth

Jennifer is an enthusiast for intuitive, heart-led living who finds joy in creating life on the other side of her fears. She values showing up as her authentic self to truly come alive in this experience of life, and feels the reason we’re all different is because we each have a unique contribution to make. She is also a certified high performance coach and loves sharing with others in this process of living into our full joy and potential to make a positive difference.

Striving to deepen her relationships and connections to the world around and within her, she’s made many life-changing choices. Since 2009, she’s been an avid full-time traveler and worldschooler with her husband, Brandon, and their three daughters (now ages 13, 11, and 5). She loves singing, culinary arts, writing, reading, mindfulness, and dancing. She especially enjoys delving into the realm of interpersonal communication and relationships. Discovering the interconnectedness of life and love and making the most of it, is for her, the journey of a lifetime!

Melissa Music – Amazon FBA Entrepreneur

Melissa is a worldschooling mom to three daughters, who home base outside of Chicago.   Melissa, her husband Jason and their three daughters spend about half of the year traveling throughout both the United States and the rest of the world.   Melissa and Jason began worldschooling approximately 3 years ago when it became obvious that the public school system was not a fit for their family.  Melissa left her career as a CPA in corporate taxation to stay at home, and eventually travel, with their daughters.

Once Worldschooling, Melissa accidentally found a new career by dumpster diving (long story) and now has a successful Amazon business that completely funds her travels.

Christine Gilbert – Almost Fearless

Christine Gilbert is the author of www.almostfearless.com and has been traveling overseas with her husband Drew Gilbert since 2008.

Christine used to be a corporate manager until she got her dream job in Boston, felt restless, decided she needed a complete life-reboot and jumped at the first idea she had: to become a writer and photographer. So… she bought a camera, sold her stuff, and let her husband cheer her on and help carry the luggage!

In 2014 Christine and Drew were selected as the 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year!

After so many years of travel, Christine is excited to launch the Almost Fearless Magazine, a quarterly magazine with bonus guide books that has been designed as a travel + adventure magazine for parents.